7 Spring Repairs You Need to Make Before Listing Your Home

Winter may not feel like it’s ever going to end, but the incrementally longer and warmer days mean spring is indeed on its way. Make sure your home is ready for the busy housing market ahead with these seven spring repairs.

Roof Repairs

Ice dams and falling snow sheets can cause damage to a roof over a long, cold winter; gutters warp, soffits crack, and roof tiles shift. These can spell disaster once the snow begins to melt, especially if there is water backing up inside the house.

The goal is to do everything you can to help your home pass its professional inspection. So, shelling out now to make sure the roof is doing its job should be on your list of spring repairs.

Air Quality Control

While your AC system has been hibernating all winter, it’s about to be put through its paces by prospective buyers. Hire a professional servicing company to make sure all is working as it should be (and get a receipt as proof). A receipt brings peace of mind to potential buyers knowing this spring tune-up was taken care of.

Paint by Number

A fresh coat of exterior paint not only adds curb appeal but could add real value to your spring listing. However, not all colours are created equal. Slate grey, terra cotta, and dark brown are no-gos when it comes to appealing exteriors. Start your spring repairs by selecting a different neutral paint shade to set your home apart from all the rest.

Spring Cleaning

Giving your home the deepest, most-thorough clean it’s ever seen is a must for a springtime listing. Nothing turns off prospective buyers like grime and mildew. It’s all fixable with a little (or a lot) of elbow grease. Be sure to pay special attention to the windows, making sure they’re spotless to let in as much light as possible.

Tub Time

Take a good look at the state of the bathtub. Could it use some love as part of your spring repairs? Re-glazing the tub and re-grouting the surrounding tiles will make the area look like new without having to do a full renovation. Bathrooms are a big focus for buyers. Having one that shows well is worth the work it would take.

Light it Up

Flattering lighting throughout the house is a must. Low-wattage bulbs give off a soft, warm light, so consider replacing your current mismatched ones for a set of those instead. For complete control, hire an electrician to add dimmer switches to overhead lighting, chandeliers, and sconces throughout the house.

Walk This Way

Salt, ice, and snow buildup can damage and lift up walkway paving stones, making the front path uninviting and dangerous. Potential buyers make their first judgements about the property when they walk up to the front of the house. Don’t let cracked pavers or raggedy shrubs turn them off before stepping inside — put that front walkway on the spring-repairs list.

This spring, make it all about letting the light stream in and showing off your home the way you know it can shine. Armed with this list of must-do spring repairs, your property will be set to make a splash on the resale market.

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